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With over 30 years in the industry, we strive to work successfully to plan and complete projects on schedule and under budget.


We have delivered on countless retail construction projects across New England, from new construction, to store expansions, to complete remodels.

Time is of the essence in the retail sector and we understand the importance of branding continuity and delivering projects based on exact specifications.

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Our team has managed the construction of hospitality projects from restaurants, to hotels, to movie theaters.

Our goal is to provide quality construction, that creates a welcoming, aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere that satisfies every type of customer.

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We have delivered quality medical/public safety construction for many years. We are proud to build these essential facilities for those that support their communities in so many important ways.

Many of these projects have been completed in a design-build capacity, collaborating with developers, architects, and engineers for the best possible result.

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We have managed multiple corporate construction projects across various business sectors.

Our vast experience in construction provides the added value to accommodate changing technology and the foresight to operate efficiently in the future.

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We have a strong history of multi-unit construction projects, both renovations and new construction. Our projects have resulted in impressive facilities that are cost-effective, low maintenance and long-lasting.

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We are experienced at completing multi-faceted projects that combine retail, office space, and residential properties. We partner with our clients to deliver spaces that enhance communities.

Our experience in this sector combines our vast knowledge in both residential and retail construction.

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Team Members

“In dealing with contractors for over 30 years on projects of all sizes I have never worked with a more professional, honest and hard-working organization as PM Construction. They set realistic expectations, stand behind their work and consistently come in on budget and on time.”

- Deen Haleem, Owner, TIQA

“We found PM to be a great partner and they always approached tasks with a ‘what works best for the client’ mindset. Our Board of Trustees recognized this partnership and even engaged PM to do additional projects on campus. We are very pleased with our capital investment and in our relationship with PM.”

- Paul Kelly, CFO, Thornton Academy

"Our building is over ten years old and many guests who visit us for the first time think it is brand new. PM Construction did an excellent job and we have used them subsequently for other related projects. They are detail oriented and customer focused, and I would highly recommend them for your project.”

- Luke Labbe, President, PeoplesChoice Credit Union

"The approach we took of partnering with the design/build team led by PM Construction is by far the most cost-and time-efficient way of constructing a new building."

- Chief Steve Nichols, Kennebunk Fire Department, Kennebunk, ME

"Without exception, I have found the work done by PM Construction to be professionally executed. Their construction quality is consistently high, their management of the financial aspects of projects is excellent, and they conduct themselves in a thoroughly professional manner.”

- Tom Yoder , President, Yoder Inc.

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